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Rosto de Bárbara Rey

Bárbara Rey

Nascido em Espanha 2 de fevereiro de 1950 (Idade: 74 anos)
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Bárbara Rey (Totana, Murcia, Spain, 2 February 1950) is a Spanish film and television actress. She is the daughter of Andrés García Valenzuela and Salvadora García Molina.

Rey represented Spain at the 21st annual Miss World pageant under her original name María García.

Her real fame came in 1975 with the TV program Palmarés which made her a sex-symbol. After that she appeared in many revues in theatres. In the 1970s she became an icon of the destape films (films where Spaniards could see naked women in film for the first time now that Francoist censorship have ended).

In 1980 she married lion tamer Ángel Cristo with whom she had two children, Ángel (1981) and Sofía Cristo (1983). She collaborated with him in his circus. They divorced in 1988.

In the 1980s she appeared in many revues and TV shows such as Primera función (1989) or Pero ¿esto qué es? (1989) Since the 2000s she became a regular guest of gossip TV shows and she also appeared as contestant in some reality shows such as Esta cocina es un infierno, in Telecinco, or Acorralados.

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