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Zippora Seven

Geboren in Neuseeland 13. September 1991 (Alter: 32 Jahre)
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Zippora Seven (born September, 12 in Auckland, New Zealand) is a professional fashion model. Her full name is Zippora Vermillion Rose Seven, and she was discovered by the owner of Red Eleven Management in Auckland, where her mother works as a caster.
In the beginning of her career a shoot for RUSSH magazine caused quite a big controversy because she posed partly naked in the shoot while she was only 16 years old. This was the beginning of her career, and soon she appeared in shoots for magazines all over the world. She has been shot for magazines such as Oyster, Elle Japan, Jalouse, Vogue Italia, and Vogue Australia, to name a few.
Although her height (she's only 168 cm. tall) is holding her back on the catwalk, she is a wanted model for campaigns. She did campaigns for brands such as DKNY, Urban Outfitters, Chloe, among thers.

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