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Gesicht von Pasha Pozdniakova

Pasha Pozdniakova

Geboren in Russland 15. April 1999 (Alter: 25 Jahre)
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Praskovia "Pasha" Pozdniakova (born 15 April 1999) is a Finnish-Russian model, entrepreneur and social media influencer. She performs under the stage name MissParaskeva. She is especially known for her appearance in the 2021 South African edition of Playboy magazine.

Pozdniakova lived in Russia until she was 13, after which the family moved to Finland and settled in the town of Savonlinna, and in 2020 Pozdniakova and her family received Finnish citizenship. Pozdniakova studied at Savonlinna Senior Secondary School of Art and Music [fi] and graduated from there in 2018. Pozdniakova moved to Helsinki in 2020, but in 2022 she returned to Savonlinna, where she lives today.

Pozdniakova started her social media career in high school by making YouTube videos. In August 2022, her Instagram account had two million followers. Pozdniakova also makes content for TikTok and Twitch.

Pozdniakova has spoken in public in favor of body positivity, and said that she thinks all kinds of women are beautiful. Although she often appears in scantily clad pictures, she has said that she dresses conservatively in her spare time and does not want to be seen as an erotic model.

Seiska reported in 2022 that the American rapper A$AP Rocky had tried to seduce Pozdniakova before ending up together with the singer Rihanna. Pozdniakova ended up dating Finnish rapper Gettomasa.[11]

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