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Tara Holt

Nació en Estados Unidos de América el 15 de febrero de 1988 (Edad: 29 años)
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Tara Ashley Holt was born and raised in Newport Beach, California. Tara began acting in drama classes and productions throughout elementary school and junior high. Her passion for acting soon got her accepted into one of the most prestigious art schools in the West: Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA), concentrating her round-the-clock studies on acting and drama courses. After graduating high school, Tara moved to Los Angeles and promptly began booking steady film, television, commercial, and print jobs. Continued dedication to developing her career allowed Tara to graduate top of her class at the Sanford Meisner Studio, where she trained to perfect her craft with uncommon discipline.

  • miércoles 21 de junio del 2017
  • miércoles 07 de junio del 2017
  • martes 06 de junio del 2017
  • sábado 03 de junio del 2017
    This was the day I brought Bo home.. crazy he's doubled in size in just two weeks
  • lunes 29 de mayo del 2017
  • lunes 22 de mayo del 2017
    My handsome boy
  • sábado 13 de mayo del 2017
    Caption this
  • martes 09 de mayo del 2017
    She likes to hike as much as I do
  • martes 25 de abril del 2017
    Clear skin thanks to my girl @anitapatelmd after having the worst breakout
  • martes 18 de abril del 2017
    Sun in the sky you know how I feel

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