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Sophie Rundle

Nació en Reino Unido el 21 de abril de 1988 (Edad: 29 años)
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Sophie Rundle es una actriz británica conocida por haber interpretado a Ada Shelby en la serie Peaky Blinders.

  • jueves 26 de octubre del 2017
    Trying to teach my godson that you can’t live your life in a bubble but you can sometimes spend your afternoon in one....
  • lunes 16 de octubre del 2017
    Right. Turns out blind enthusiasm isn't an advantage when it comes to this guy.
  • domingo 15 de octubre del 2017
    Ah yes. The new boots/new blisters rule.
  • miércoles 04 de octubre del 2017
    Toddlers in 2017 are mainly interested in lego, snacks and selfies. He knows full well how cute he is.
  • martes 03 de octubre del 2017
    Try taking trendy photos for trendy mag. Immediately get distracted by cute, trendy dog. Seems about right. ❤️
  • martes 26 de septiembre del 2017
    Oh London, I missed you buddy. Objectively you're kinda grey and grubby and rainy and covered in pigeon poo but I still...
  • domingo 24 de septiembre del 2017
    Trying to remember if I kept things cool and classy at the wrap party last night. This seems about right @cristianodurso...
  • viernes 22 de septiembre del 2017
  • viernes 22 de septiembre del 2017
    It's nearly time. The Shelbys are back. And this year they have excellent coats. #peakyblinders
  • viernes 15 de septiembre del 2017
    SO proud of my absolute peach of a little brother @hrundle graduating today

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