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Sophie Rundle

Nació en Reino Unido el 21 de abril de 1988 (Edad: 29 años)
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Sophie Rundle es una actriz británica conocida por haber interpretado a Ada Shelby en la serie Peaky Blinders.

  • miércoles 24 de mayo del 2017
    I mean, I hear words like 'FABULOUS' being thrown around a lot but this is just how I eat ice lollies when I'm at work...
  • lunes 22 de mayo del 2017
    Pre train Calippo in the park like a goddamn summery legend
  • viernes 19 de mayo del 2017
    Settlers! ❤️ #Jamestown continues on @sky1uk at 9pm tonight!
  • jueves 18 de mayo del 2017
    The Chris Ofili exhibition at the National Gallery is MAGIC. And it's free. FREE MAGIC. Go, feed your souls.
  • martes 16 de mayo del 2017
    When I travel I like to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a clean diet.
  • lunes 08 de mayo del 2017
    A little sneaky snap from @wonderland . And if there was ever any doubt that I'm not cool enough to be in @wonderland I...
  • viernes 05 de mayo del 2017
  • martes 02 de mayo del 2017
    This place is magic
  • martes 02 de mayo del 2017
    Some ancient, witchy part of my nature believes you should greet a black cat if it crosses your path. They're always...
  • miércoles 26 de abril del 2017
    Bloody lovely day mooning around the Tate looking at big paintings and these neon squiggles hanging from the ceiling....

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