Nina Agdal en Si Swimsuit 2017

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  • viernes 17 de noviembre del 2017
    Devastated to hear that the US government is lifting protections against Elephants. I’m so lucky that I was able to...
  • jueves 16 de noviembre del 2017
    Glorious morning in Colombia with my @leonisa family. Feels so good to be back here!☀️✨
  • martes 14 de noviembre del 2017
    incredible to be surrounded by so many motivating and inspiring women! Thanks @sydneyevan for keeping me sparkly,...
  • lunes 13 de noviembre del 2017
    Sending out love to everyone on #worldkindnessday! Love yourself and share your smile with a stranger and see how...
  • viernes 10 de noviembre del 2017
    Forever her big
  • jueves 02 de noviembre del 2017
    So excited to show you the new Shades EQ Pastels from @redken. The perfect way to unleash your inner color chameleon....
  • sábado 07 de octubre del 2017
    I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble. (to all you fishermen out there, i know it aint a bass mmkay, but i...
  • viernes 06 de octubre del 2017
    Staring contest @rommynajor
  • jueves 03 de agosto del 2017
    My mvp's
  • jueves 27 de julio del 2017
    Waiting for my pizza.. ⏳

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