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Missy Peregrym

Nació en Canadá el 16 de junio de 1982 (Edad: 35 años)
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Melissa Peregrym, más conocida como Missy Peregrym (Montreal, 16 de junio de 1982), es una actriz y modelo canadiense.

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  • miércoles 18 de octubre del 2017
    Good morning, from one senior citizen to another. #upbeforethesun
  • jueves 07 de septiembre del 2017
    I roll my eyes when I think about this but when I was younger, I was insistent on NOT receiving flowers because they...
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    When I signed up to try @kleanla a couple weeks ago, I made a commitment to share what came up for me. I'm pretty...
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    Week one: I consider myself to be an extremely efficient person - I am crazy good at multitasking. Turns out, what I...
  • martes 15 de agosto del 2017
    I know I have a reputation among my friends as a master chef; it's why I go to everyone else's house to eat. The first...
  • domingo 23 de julio del 2017
    I know you can't really see it, but Melissa used burgundy mascara and teal liner on the bottom lid. She sounded nuts...
  • miércoles 31 de mayo del 2017
    ‪When you go to change and then drop to your knees, courageously whispering to no one "bye world" and then remember...
  • miércoles 24 de mayo del 2017
    My bag contents today: Music player thingy that has no battery Digestives for too much crafty Kaizen Whey protein for...
  • martes 09 de mayo del 2017
    This pic doesn't even do it justice. #tofino #nofilter
  • domingo 23 de abril del 2017
    Super selfish gift. #Repost @priscillafaia with @repostapp ・・・ Tonight @mperegrym gifted me with the greatest...

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