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Mercedes Mason

Nació en Suecia el 3 de marzo de 1982 (Edad: 35 años)
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Mercedes Mason (/meɪsɒn/; born Masöhn), is a Swedish actress known for playing the role of Zondra in the American television series Chuck and the role of Isabel Zambada in the American procedural drama The Finder. She starred in the 2011 American horror film Quarantine 2: Terminal. She played Louise Leonard in the 2012–13 American supernatural drama 666 Park Avenue and Talia Del Campo in NCIS: Los Angeles. She is currently a regular on AMC's television series Fear the Walking Dead.

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  • martes 23 de mayo del 2017
  • domingo 14 de mayo del 2017
    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MAMA!!!! Love you an uncomfortable amount! (You make some....ummm....interesting kids)
  • sábado 13 de mayo del 2017
    A little send back Saturday to my very first film...The Break-Up. My scene got cut but that didn't stop #jenniferaniston...
  • viernes 12 de mayo del 2017
  • domingo 07 de mayo del 2017
    Cinco De Mayo got a little out of hand. You live you learn. ...
  • martes 25 de abril del 2017
    My sweet Snow bear cuddling with daddy when I'm not home. My favorite part is his little empty sack of fur, proudly...
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    A sneak peek at my @feartwd behind-the-scenes interview with @televisionmonk *We laughed, we cried, we discovered a cure...
  • sábado 15 de abril del 2017
    So excited about @feartwd getting picked up for season 4! It's all thanks to @amc_tv execs and most importantly YOU, the...
  • viernes 14 de abril del 2017
    #tbt to a campaign I can't remember at all...what was I selling here? Sunglasses? Necklace? Dog?? Who was it for??? WHY...
  • jueves 06 de abril del 2017
    Guys! If I try really hard I bet I could see INSIDE my brain. #priorities

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