Kristina Mendonca

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Kristina Mendonca

Nació en Australia el 26 de julio de 1997 (Edad: 20 años)
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Kristina Mendonca is an Instagram star and model who is known for posting a variety of modeling pictures for different swimwear brands. She is also known for posting traveling pictures and other lifestyle related content.

  • jueves 18 de enero del 2018
    When you have to get the shot but you bum is burning from the hot sand and your hair keeps blowing into your face
  • mircoles 17 de enero del 2018
    Celebrating summer down under
  • martes 16 de enero del 2018
    God.... I’ve been laying in bed thinking of a caption to write for the last 30 mins, then realised all the things I...
  • sbado 13 de enero del 2018
    This one is for @kristy_lilliesatthejunction
  • sbado 13 de enero del 2018
    Here is a photo of me and my bum everyone
  • jueves 11 de enero del 2018
    Here is a photo of me, with more photos of me, on me
  • martes 09 de enero del 2018
    A lot of people have been asking lately what I do for workouts and about my diet. Would y’all like it if I started...
  • lunes 08 de enero del 2018
    I wonder if the guy sitting beside me right now saw me censoring out my nipples
  • mircoles 03 de enero del 2018
    When Johnny is featured in Playboy <3
  • martes 02 de enero del 2018
    Hellllllo everyone reading this

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