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Iryna Ivanova

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Iryna Ivanova

Nació en Ucrania el 6 de abril de 1987 (Edad: 30 años)
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Iryna Ivanova (born April 6, 1987) is the Playboy Playmate of the Month for August 2011. Ivanova was born and raised in Feodosia, Crimea, and then as a teenager (age 16) emigrated to the U.S. Prior to her pictorial, she was a student at the University of Arizona studying to earn her MBA. At the time her ambitions were to earn a PhD and become a fashion consultant. In addition to modeling, she is a Russian-English interpreter and works as a cage girl for the World Fighting Federation in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • jueves 15 de marzo del 2018
    In case you forgot, I look better NAKED
  • martes 13 de marzo del 2018
    Do you prefer BRUNETTE or PINK Iryna? P.s. nipples always hard
  • jueves 08 de marzo del 2018
  • viernes 02 de marzo del 2018
  • martes 27 de febrero del 2018
    LEFT or RIGHT?
  • lunes 19 de febrero del 2018
    RACK city B*tch
  • miércoles 14 de febrero del 2018
    Kindly choose LEFT or RIGHT for your V-Day date
  • viernes 02 de febrero del 2018
    The reason you can't sleep at night ☝
  • miércoles 31 de enero del 2018
    I am your dream, but on @thecelebtv I am your reality
  • lunes 29 de enero del 2018
    Why am I always the ONLY one holding them boobies, where is my HELPERS AT

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