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Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

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Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

Nació en Reino Unido el 28 de diciembre de 1978 (Edad: 39 años)
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Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (/æʃˈliːn ˈhɔːrɡən ˈwɒlɪs/}; born 28 December 1978) is a British, fashion designer, magazine columnist, actress, and television and media personality. She rose to fame in 2006, when she appeared, and finished third, in the seventh series of reality television show Big Brother.

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  • miércoles 21 de marzo del 2018
    I’m a cartoon living in my cartoon lyfe. Soon home to cause trouble no strife. #LA #HOME #TRAVEL #LIFE...
  • domingo 11 de marzo del 2018
    If I could have one single wish & never have another. It would be to have one hour & spend it with my mother. Miss you...
  • viernes 09 de marzo del 2018
    Take my soul because I’m tired of trying.
  • jueves 08 de marzo del 2018
    I am WOMAN. All woman. Unashamed in my skin. Beautiful in my being. Powerful in my existence. Never a victim....
  • jueves 08 de marzo del 2018
    Happy #internationalwomensday always remember.... a woman knows EVERYTHING... a woman bides her time, a woman is...
  • martes 06 de marzo del 2018
    I only Phucks with my #OldGang it’s the only way I know
  • viernes 02 de marzo del 2018
    The day @badgalriri met Aisleyne
  • sábado 24 de febrero del 2018
    Strip for me babe & I’ll strip for you. Strip for me because I want you too.
  • lunes 12 de febrero del 2018
    If your testing my waters you better know how to swim, they’re deeper than the ocean
  • domingo 11 de febrero del 2018
    Create your own tribe. ❤️ never conform. Never ‘fit in’ to make others feel ‘comfortable’ be YOU darlings....

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